CXL Forum at OCP Summit

The Presentations

CXL™ Consortium Update

Foundations of Composable Memory Systems

Enabling CXL within the Data Center with Arm Solutions

Memory pooling and emerging architectures for efficient memory utilization using CXL™

Using Pools of Shared Resources to Lower Latency and Improve System Performance

CXL is Coming to OCP

Transforming Cloud Data Centers with CXL

A Platform for CXL Memory Services

Understanding memory usage in datacenters and Enabling software for CXL-Memory

At-Scale Device Management Solutions for CXL Memory Device

CXL Market Outlook & Key Use Cases

Montage Technology CXL Memory Expander

CXL 3.0: Novel Device Types, Capabilities, and Interconnects

Introduction to CXL Multi-Headed Devices

Meeting Petabyte-scale Memory Systems Challenges with CXL Memory Pooling

Landscaping the Future for Robust CXL Memory Development

Computational Memory – Moving Compute Near Data

Software Defined Memory @ UBER – Past, Present and Future

CXL Readiness with vSphere Virtualization