About MemVerge

Opening the Door to Big Memory


Abundant. Persistent. Available.

In 2017, Intel released a new Optane SSD product. Under the covers of this new SSD was 3D XPoint, a new persistent memory media. In the history of computing, “memory” and “storage” have always been two different concepts. Persistent Memory promises to change that and can be operated at memory speed while being persistent like storage.  With the Optane SSD available, we knew that the real game changer, the persistent memory DIMM, was not far away.

We decided, right at that moment, to start MemVerge. With every new hardware substrate, a new software stack will need to be developed to allow the applications to take full advantage of the new hardware. In this case, that solution is Big Memory Software.  At MemVerge, our mission is to open the door to Big Memory Computing via the Big Memory Software we develop. We are on our way…

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