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Opening the Door to Big Memory

MemVerge is pioneering Big Memory Computing for big data that needs to be processed quickly. The company’s Memory Machine™ product is the industry’s first commercial memory virtualization software, and introduced the world to memory tiering, pooling, and snapshot based in-memory data management (replication, roll-back, autosave, thin clones, and instant recovery). Loading and saving large data sets that took minutes to hours with storage, now takes seconds. Recovery from crashes that was not possible, is now instant. That’s why MemVerge is the only company to win both Editor’s Choice and People’s Choice awards at Bio-IT World. It’s also why bioinformaticians at leading organizations such as Analytical BiosciencesPenn State University , SeekGene, and TGen are using Memory Machine software to accelerate time-to-discovery and increase application availability to unlock important new scientific breakthroughs.

The new Memory Machine Cloud Edition introduces innovation needed for efficient Big Memory Computing in the cloud. AppCapsule snapshot technology paired with a sophisticated System and Cloud Orchestration Service allow big memory, long-running cloud workloads to recover from Spot terminations gracefully and automatically. Organizations using Memory Machine can expect to save 70% by using spot instances instead of on-demand instances, and millions of dollars for workloads with thousands of runs.

Memory Machine Cloud Edition has been released with functionality built-in for Compute Express Link (CXL) servers, storage, and networks shipping in 2023. The limited number of DIMM slots in servers has become a capacity and bandwidth bottleneck for memory hungry applications. Evidence of this is the widening gap between number of cores and available memory bandwidth in servers, resulting in less memory per core.  CXL addresses this problem by supporting memory expansion on the PCIe bus and in a switched fabric. To make this possible, CXL-compatible processors and memory media are needed as well as CXL to DDR memory controllers, CXL switches, and memory virtualization software to transparently pool and tier the data. A year before CXL systems will begin shipping, MemVerge is demonstrating the ability of Memory Machine Cloud Edition to support CXL memory expansion, tiering, and pooling.

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