Memory Machine™ Cloud

Product Description

Memory Machine Cloud is a platform for automated job execution in the cloud, encompassing provisioning, orchestration, and dynamic resource optimization. At the foundation are MemVerge patented AppCapsule technology that allows application to span over multiple VM instances, and the FLOAT command language that simplifies job management on the cloud.

Key Features and Benefits

Memory Machine Cloud from MemVerge is cloud automation software with the unique ability to automate and streamline the execution of compute jobs based on patented Big Memory snapshot technology. Key features and benefits include:


A powerful command language with a GUI that allows long complex app deployments to be performed with a few commands or clicks.


A new type of snapshot that encapsulates an entire application state. The use of AppCapsules allows long-running workloads to recover rapidly from an infrastructure interruption. Never re-start from the beginning again.


An application continuity service that uses AppCapsules + cloud automation to make it possible for big stateful workloads to run safely on Spot instances, saving up to 90% in compute cost.


A continuous right-sizing service that allows workloads with short periods of peak usage to float automatically to smaller and larger instances based on their real-time resource needs.

App Library

There is a long and growing list of apps that are qualified for compatibility. Use applications such as Seurat, Cell Ranger, GATK, Sentieon, BWA, SPAdes, Megahit, Supernova, Blast+, and many more, directly from the App Library without needing to install or deploy them.


A lite version of Memory Machine that profiles your CPU and memory usage to identify opportunities for right sizing your compute instances. It’s free and upgradeable to a full version of Memory Machine Cloud.

Killer Apps

Just a few examples of where Memory Machine Cloud can make a big impact on the cost, performance, and availability of cloud apps.

Compute costs are high because big data, long-running workloads can’t take advantage of low-cost Spot instances

The Memory Machine SpotSurfer service allows workloads to run safely on Spot instances and save big.
SPAdes Case Study

Compute costs are high because large compute instances are needed for short periods of peak resource usage

Memory Machine WaveRider automatically right-sizes cloud resources DURING workload execution by floating the workload to the appropriate VM instances. The result is huge cost savings and faster completion time.
BLAST Case Study

Re-deploying apps and resources is complicated and takes a long time

Memory Machine Float commands and the App Library allow jobs to be re-deployed with a few commands or clicks.
App Library – How It Works

3 Ways to Get Started Free

  1. Download the WaveWatcher edition Memory Machine Cloud and use it for as long as you like. It’s a free tool for profiling CPU and memory usage to reveal opportunities for right sizing and upgradeable to a full version.
  2. Request a demo and a MemVerge expert will explain how Memory Machine works, then walk you through a demonstration that shows how easy it is to deploy and how powerful the results are.
  3. Request a free trial and a MemVerge expert will set you up, or we can provide access for you to play in a Sandbox set-up in AWS.

Memory Machine Cloud in AWS

Users’ set-up their jobs in the Memory Machine Operations Center using the Float command line or Operations Center GUI. Apps are loaded from the App Library or from external registries. Once a job is set-up, it can be redeployed with all its resources in just a few commands or clicks.

How It Works

The Memory Machine Operations Center is deployed directly into your AWS account (100% in Tenant), provisions and manages worker nodes that complete the execution of jobs. To ensure privacy, your data and results never leave your AWS account.

Once your application is containerized with Docker or OCI they can be used by Memory Machine.

The job submission process is fire-and-forget, fully automated from end to end.

Dynamically adapts to cloud resources used based on real-time workload consumption, and user-defined policies.

App Library contains a database of pre-qualified containerized application images. Customers can add to their private library.

Ideal workloads include bioinformatics, genomics, and metagenomics analyses (Blast+, SPAdes, Seurat), MATLAB, Mathematica, NASTRAN, Rendering, Houdini, Maya, R, Python, batch Jobs, and long-running jobs.


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Memory Machine Cloud:
Wave Rider Edition

Request a Demo or Free Trial

We are happy to provide you a full demo, free trial, or access to play in a Sandbox set-up in AWS so that you can see the capabilities of the MemVerge solution. Get started for free!