Memory Machine for CXL Fabric-Attached Memory

New Memory Sharing Model

CXL fabrics allows multiple servers to connect and share physical memory addresses from a memory pool.

Fabric-Attached Memory Overview

With our hardware partners, MemVerge delivers a memory appliance that enables IO-free data sharing between the servers with shared memory. Memory Machine for CXL ensures cache coherency through software.


(Global IO-free Shared Memory Object)

Memory Machine for CXL | Fabric Attached Memory software includes a memory object store API called GISMO that allows applications to create and access memory objects across multiple nodes using memory semantics. GISMO reduces or eliminates transferring data over the network, the most costly step of network-based message passing, by allowing applications to directly access data in the shared memory pool and maintain cache coherence between processors in different servers. See how GISMO powered the Ray AI framework to 675% faster remote gets and 280% faster shuffles across 4 nodes.

GISMO (Global IO-free Shared Memory Object)