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Impossible savings are now possible as non-fault-tolerant apps run on low-cost Spot instances, workloads with short periods of peak usage surf large and small instances to maximize lower cost instances, and complex jobs are deployed with a few clicks.


Jet ski towing technology changed big wave surfing by allowing surfers to ride the bombs at Nazare.  Modern applications generate resource waves that are just as challenging to tame.  Now, Memory Machine Cloud Automation technology from MemVerge is changing cloud computing by allowing your workloads to continuously right size after jobs start running.

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Memory Machine™ Cloud

Innovative new capabilities and their benefits


Carved up Ali Cloud to reduce compute costs by 91%

By surfing between bomb-sized and ankle slapper-sized compute instances.


Saw AWS resource usage go down and savings go up

By continuously profiling compute and memory usage as well as cost savings.


Dropped-in on Azure Spot pricing for 57% lower cost

By overcoming choppy conditions due to Spot terminations.

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