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At Tech Field Day, the MemVerge team broke down the evolution of computing that led to Big Memory and its HW and SW components

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Go Big Memory! “For those with apps that can benefit from the large and resilient memory footprint PMem offers, MemVerge is definitely worth evaluating”

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Penguin Computing has partnered with MemVerge™ to create Penguin Computing LiveData with MemVerge Memory Machine™

MemVerge & Big Memory

MemVerge is proud to introduce the world’s first Big Memory technology to massively scale out DRAM and Persistent Memory. The results are Big Memory pools where all applications and data can live. To support all application data needs, MemVerge has invented rich Big Memory Data Services such as snapshot, replication and tiering that for the first time enable lightning fast recovery from in-memory application crashes. Existing tier-1 applications can run safely and transparently on Big Memory without application rewrites.

Introducing Memory Machine™

Memory Machine™

Standard Edition

The easiest way to implement Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory as volatile memory.

The only implementation of PMEM with DRAM performance.

Memory Machine™

Advanced Edition

Enterprise-class memory data services creates the world’s first high availability memory tier.

Implement persistence with no modifications to applications.

The World’s 1st Big Memory Software

IDC defines Big Memory Computing as a market segment consisting of memory hardware and Big Memory software that creates a new persistent memory tier.

Big Memory Solutions

Access PMEM without
Modifying Apps

More Memory
for Less Cost

Making PMEM
Go DRAM Fast

Creating a HA
Memory Tier


More Capacity
for AI/ML

Accelerating Market
Data Pub/Sub

Instant Kx kdb+
Crash Recovery

Clone a Redis
Database in Seconds

What Analysts, Customers, & Partners are Saying

“It is exciting to see this offering from MemVerge that will help enable enterprises to take advantage of the speed of traditional memory with the capacity that persistent memory delivers, without requiring application code modifications.”

Alper Ilkbahar
VP & GM, Memory & Storage Product Group | Intel

“MemVerge’s Memory Machine software demonstrates marked performance gain over other in-memory infrastructure while displaying lower jitter and increased determinism.”

Dominick Paniscotti
CTO | MemX

“By 2024 a quarter of all data will be real-time data and two-thirds of Global 2000 corporations will have deployed at least 1 real-time app. This is driving the need for the price, performance, and enterprise class data services in Big Memory Computing.”

Eric Burgener
Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies | IDC

We are using Memory Machine to virtualize DRAM and PMEM across our data, cloud, HPC, and AI practices as an important aspect of our edge-to-core strategy.”

Kevin Tubbs
SVP Strategic Solutions Group | Penguin Computing

“MemVerge Memory Machine’s ZeroIO Snapshot capability dramatically improves performance of new applications, reducing the time to recovery from hours to seconds.”

Nicola Carotti
Head of Cloud and Hybrid Datacenter | Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

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We are happy to provide you a full demo so that you can see the capabilities of the MemVerge solution. Powered by Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, MemVerge expands the memory size and accelerates storage I/O at the same time without requiring application changes.

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