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AppCapsule Snapshots that Encapsulates the Running States of the Application

Storage snapshots save the states of data in the storage devices, but do not capture the states of memory pages, or systems states (registers, FDs, peripherals), that are crucial components of the running state of the application. As a result, the storage snapshots alone are insufficient to checkpoint and restore a running application. 

AppCapsules are patented MemVerge technology and a new type of snapshot that encapsulates an entire application state and saves it in persistent storage. The use of AppCapsules as part of a Memory Machine application delivers checkpoint and restore service for stateful workloads to recover rapidly from a crash or an infrastructure interruption, to float workloads to larger and smaller compute instances, and soon, to float workloads across clouds.

Application Checkpoint / Restore Service Using AppCapsules

AppCapsules are generated and stored on persistent storage, such as EBS on AWS. Recovery is quick because the entire application state is restored from the AppCapsule.

Memory Machine Cloud Edition Services


Snapshots that encapsulates the running states of the application

Float Command Language

A rich set of automation commands executed from the CLI or GUI

App Library

Qualified apps that can be deployed with a few commands


Continuous right sizing service lets your workloads surfs large and small instances


Checkpointing and recovery service lets stateful apps run on low-cost spot instances


A tool that profiles your apps for opportunities to optimize

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