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Float Command Language

How It Works

Float Command Language

Memory Machine Cloud Edition is a platform for automated job execution in the cloud. It uses the Float command language, which is designed to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of jobs, define resource policies, and track and analyze job execution metrics. The Memory Machine Cloud Edition user guide includes a complete list Float commands and explains how to use them.

A full list of Float commands are available in the Memory Machine Cloud Edition User Guide.

Examples of Float Commands

Float Submit

Submit a job with VM polices and WaveRider options for automatic migration to larger or smaller VMs

Float Migrate

Manually migrate a running job to a larger or smaller VM

Float Cancel

Manually cancel a running job before it completes

Float Commands Expressed in a GUI

For customers who prefer to use a graphical user interface instead of a command line, most FLOAT commands can be expressed using a web-based interface. The GUI will generate a command line where it can be customized beyond the options provided by the GUI.


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Float Command Language

A rich set of automation commands executed from the CLI or GUI

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