Memory Machine™ Cloud Edition


How It Works

WaveRider Continuous Right Sizing Service

A service that uses the AppCapsule checkpointing and restore service + cloud automation. It continuously right-size workloads with short periods of peak usage. WaveRider automatically floats them to smaller and larger instances based on their real-time resource needs.

If you don’t know the peak CPU or Memory usage of your workloads, you can choose policies for memory and CPU usage thresholds that will automatically trigger a migration.

How WaveRider Works

AppCapsules floated from a smaller instance to larger instance after a period of peak usage, then back to a smaller instance when less resources are needed. When the job is complete, WaveRider terminates the instance to make sure your meter does not keep running.

WaveRider Case Study


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AWS Qualified Software


Memory Machine Cloud:
Wave Rider Edition

Memory Machine Cloud Edition Services


Snapshots that encapsulates the running states of the application

Float Command Language

A rich set of automation commands executed from the CLI or GUI

App Library

Qualified apps that can be deployed with a few commands


Continuous right sizing service lets your workloads surfs large and small instances


Checkpointing and recovery service lets stateful apps run on low-cost spot instances


A tool that profiles your apps for opportunities to optimize

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