About Intel’s latest announcement regarding Optane product line

By Charles Fan, CEO

On the Intel Q2 2022 earnings call today, Pat Gelsinger announced that Intel is winding down the Optane product line.  One important reason is that, like the rest of the industry, Pat clearly sees CXL as the emerging memory technology standard.  This decision will allow Intel to concentrate its resources on supporting CXL memory and remain a leading force in the Big Memory future.

For MemVerge, our vision for bringing about Big Memory is unaffected.  If anything, this brings clarity that CXL technology is the fundamental building block for Big Memory and it validates our thesis five years ago when we started the company.  Optane was a groundbreaking technology that sparked the Big Memory revolution.  Now a vibrant CXL ecosystem is forming, including Intel, AMD, Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron and many other industry leaders who are ready to bring Big Memory mainstream.

Naturally, we will continue to work with Intel to support current Optane customers, and even help new customers who can reap the value of Optane for a few years to come.  Our commitments to our customers and partners remain unchanged.  MemVerge software is of course not dependent on Optane.  It supports DRAM-only environments both in the cloud and on-prem, and it will have full support for all new CXL memory products coming to the market.  In fact, with MemVerge software, customers will be able to painlessly migrate their applications from an Optane infrastructure to a CXL-memory infrastructure in the future.

I am super excited that next Tuesday, MemVerge is hosting a full-day CXL Forum at the Flash Memory Summit, where we will have speakers from many major players in CXL, from memory, to CPU, to software vendors presenting their vision and their upcoming CXL products.  We will also have two new product announcements of our own at the show.  You can find the full CXL Forum agenda and register to watch remotely at https://memverge.com/cxl-getting-ready-for-take-off/ Hope to see you all there! Register to attend FMS in Santa Clara at https://flash-memory.omnievent.com/2022/step-1-prelim.