CXL™ Flight Simulator

Take CXL-enabled virtual machines for an easy “test flight” without the real hardware


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MemVerge Announces CXL™ Flight Simulator

Samsung, MemVerge, H3, and Xconn Announce 2TB Pooling System Demo at FMS

15 Vendors Presenting at CXL Community Booth Theater at FMS August 8-10

CXL Forum Community News

MemVerge CXL Software

Architecture, free tools, and management software for CXL memory expansion and pooled memory

Memory Viewer

CXL™ Flight Simulator

Elastic Memory Pools

Gismo (Global IO-free Shared Memory)

Compute Cell Architecture

CXL Forum Community

The CXL Forum Community is a MemVerge initiative to accelerate CXL solution development and co-marketing. The community consists of organizations and individuals who

      • Co-engineer CXL concept systems and solutions
      • Attend and participating in CXL Forum events
      • Submit a listing on the CXL Forum Community Directory
      • Subscribe and/or contribute to CXL Forum Community News

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CXL Forum Events

A huge ecosystem of vendors is working to make the CXL vision a reality, and the place to learn about the status of their progress is a CXL Forum event.  A cross-section of compute, storage, networking, system, and software vendors, as well as users, are represented at each event for a 360 degree of CXL technology and market development.

CXL Forum
at Flash Memory Summit

CXL Forum
at 2022 OCP Summit

CXL Forum
On Wall Street

CXL Forum
at ISC

CXL Forum
at OCP APAC Tech Day
CXL Forum
at AI + HPC Wall Street
CXL Forum
at 2023 OCP Summit

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