More Memory. Less Cost.

Universal Solution

PMEM Available as 128GB, 256GB and 512GB DIMMs

The chart above shows a 512GB  Intel Optane Persistent Memory DIMM is twice the capacity of the largest available DRAM DIMM. And at each DIMM capacity point, PMEM is at one half to one third the cost of DRAM.

The result is servers hosting memory-centric applications can configure twice the memory for far less cost.

MemVerge takes the capacity advantage further by enabling high capacity utilization. Without Memory Machine software, PMEM deployed in Memory Mode will duplicate data in the DRAM cache to PMEM. The result is the effective capacity of the DRAM and PMEM is less than 100%.

Memory Machine allocated data to memory “tiers” with no duplication of data. The result is 100% of the memory pool capacity is utilized.

Without Memory Machine

Effective Capacity = 768GB​

With Memory Machine

Effective Capacity = 1TB​

Big Memory TCO Calculator

To help you estimate your savings with Big Memory, MemVerge built a spreadsheet tool populated with DRAM and PMEM prices.