MemVerge Memory Machine Achieves Red Hat OpenShift Operator and Container Certification

A key milestone in the MemVerge strategy to unlock cloud-native Big Memory Computing for Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes Infrastructure (LOKI) environments

MILPITAS, Calif. July 7, 2022MemVerge®, the pioneers of Big Memory software, today announced that MemVerge Memory Machine™ has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator and      container certifications. This is an important step in enabling cloud builders to lower the cost and increase the availability of their expensive memory infrastructure. With these certifications, cloud builders can deploy MemVerge Memory Machine software with the confidence that it has completed rigorous certification testing with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. MemVerge virtualized memory solutions are now listed in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

OpenShift-certified Memory Machine software lowers the cost of memory infrastructure by transparently delivering a pool of software-defined DRAM and lower-cost persistent memory. Memory Machine provides higher availability to cloud-native OpenShift applications by providing ZeroIO™ In-Memory snapshots, replication, and instant recovery for terabytes of data.

“Today’s applications require higher performance, productivity and availability, yet memory has traditionally been the barrier,” said Bernard Wu, Vice President, Business Development, MemVerge. “With Memory Machine we are transforming what is possible by becoming the first in a new class of Big Memory software that virtualizes DRAM and persistent memory so a pool of lower cost memory can be accessed without changes to an application. Now, with MemVerge’s OpenShift Operator and container certification, we are extending this ground-breaking capability to optimize capabilities with Red Hat open source solutions to provide clouds built on a LOKI framework.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with MemVerge to achieve OpenShift Operator and container certification for its Big Memory software to help shorten time-to-results and deliver advanced      in-memory application availability and mobility for customers,” said Mark Longwell, director, Partner Alliances, Hybrid Platforms, Red Hat. “By working with partners like MemVerge to certify solutions for the hybrid multicloud world, we are able to extend customer choice and scalability based on a foundation of enterprise-grade Linux and Kubernetes.”

Achieving Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification provides a simplified path for software partners to deliver tested Kubernetes applications on the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, Red Hat OpenShift. Customers using products, such as MemVerge Memory Machine, that have achieved Operator and Container certification, can have greater confidence that these applications increase the operational efficiency of business application management when using them across public, private or hybrid cloud architecture.

Additional details on using MemVerge Memory Machine in LOKI environments are featured in the OpenInfra Summit technology session, “Enabling Big Memory Workloads to Run on LOKI,” presented by Wu on Wednesday. Available now on-demand here, this session explores how a software-defined memory platform can be used to augment the memory available to HPC applications in a composable, transparent way.

About MemVerge                            

MemVerge is pioneering Big Memory Computing for a multi-cloud world. Major gaps exist in today’s cloud infrastructure for data-intensive high-performance applications. MemVerge® Memory Machine™ delivers software-defined, composable memory and intelligent memory service to bridge these gaps. As a software leader in the CXL ecosystem, MemVerge composable memory technology provisions, tiers, disaggregates, and pools heterogeneous memory to scale memory capacity and decrease memory cost. MemVerge ZeroIO™ in-memory snapshot services transparently checkpoint, clone, replicate, and restore running applications anytime, anywhere in a multi-cloud computing environment. Overall, Big Memory Computing technologies shorten time-to-results and are delivering unprecedented in-memory application availability and mobility for leading enterprises, research institutions and cloud service providers. MemVerge aims to democratize data-intensive compute for researchers, scientists, analysts and engineers around the world, and liberate all workloads to move in multi-cloud environments everywhere. To learn more about MemVerge, visit

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