MemVerge at Cloud Field Day

On November 4th, from Cloud Field Day 12, MemVerge announced its Big Memory Cloud Technology. During 2 hours of presentations and demos:

    • MemVerge CEO, Charles Fan, provided an update on the Big Memory industry, highlighted by recent announcements related to CXL. Dr. Fan then delivered an overview of Big Memory Cloud, including the challenges faced by memory-centric workloads in the cloud, and Big Memory Cloud technology designed to address them.
    • MemVerge Director of Products and Big Memory Solutions, Ravi Venkat, explained why stateful, long-running apps are discouraged from running on low-cost Spot Instances, and how Big Memory Cloud technology opens the door for thousands of such apps to run on Spot.
    • MemVerge VP of Product Management, Yong Tian, explains why bursting apps from on-prem to cloud, and moving apps from cloud-to-cloud is limited, and how Big Memory Cloud technology streamlines data mobility. MemVerge systems engineer Eric Lasota walks through a demonstration of how MemVerge cloud services make bursting from on-prem to cloud, and from cloud-to-cloud, simple and fast.

Introducing MemVerge Big Memory Cloud

MemVerge Big Memory Cloud Fault Tolerance Service

MemVerge Big Memory Cloud Mobility Use Case and Demo