MemVerge and SK hynix announce Endless Memory

Technology preview demonstrates a co-engineered system that never runs out of memory

Hamburg, Germany May 22, 2023MemVerge® today announced that the company and SK hynix Inc, two leading innovators in Big Memory solutions, have launched Project Endless Memory, a groundbreaking co-engineered system that addresses the challenge of memory exhaustion in data-intensive applications. Memory exhaustion is a major problem that can cause Out-of-Memory (OOM) crashes or poor performance due to swap usage, especially in clustered environments where memory usage is not uniform across nodes. An overview of Endless Memory will be presented at the CXL Forum at ISC on Tuesday, May 23. Demonstrations of Endless Memory are being presented at ISC in MemVerge booth D401.

To address this challenge, MemVerge has partnered with SK hynix to create an “Endless Memory” solution. Endless Memory combines an Elastic Memory Service software from MemVerge and a Niagara Pooled Memory System from SK hynix to allow hosts to dynamically allocate memory as needed, mitigating OOM errors and improving application performance.

“Our collaboration modernizes the existing memory model to improve application performance and prevent OOM errors,” said Charles Fan, CEO and co-founder of MemVerge. “The ability to download RAM automatically and intelligently will lead to improved productivity for users of data-intensive applications.”

Endless Memory represents an industry milestone because it features CXL memory pooling and tiering technologies running on real CXL memory pooling hardware from SK hynix. The innovative solution incorporates technology that transforms the way data-intensive applications are managed and will provide a more seamless and efficient way to manage memory in clustered environments.

According to Hoshik Kim, VP/Fellow, Memory Forest x&D at SK hynix, “Testing shows that just 20% extra CXL memory from our Niagara Pooled Memory System1 can improve application performance by 3x compared with the existing swap memory approach.”

Project Endless Memory is set to revolutionize the way we manage memory for data-intensive applications and is poised to become a must-have solution for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve.

About MemVerge

MemVerge is a leading provider of Big Memory Software designed to accelerate and optimize data-intensive applications. The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of memory-centric computing and revolutionizing the performance and efficiency of distributed systems. For more information about Project Gismo and MemVerge Big Memory solutions, visit

About SK hynix Inc.

SK hynix Inc., headquartered in Korea, is the world’s top tier semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (“DRAM”), flash memory chips (“NAND flash”) and CMOS Image Sensors (“CIS”) for a wide range of distinguished customers globally. The Company’s shares are traded on the Korea Exchange, and the Global Depository shares are listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange. Further information about SK hynix is available at,

[1] Niagara Pooled Memory System: FPGA based CXL Pooled Memory Prototype

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