CXL Use Case

Intelligent Tiering Accelerates MySQL Databases

Q1’24 Memory Fabric Forum presentation of use case and MySQL test results

Intelligent tiering with Memory Machine X Server Expansion software

Our Memory Machine X QoS policies adapt to various application workloads with memory page movement to optimize latency or bandwidth. Latency tiering intelligently manages data placement across heterogeneous memory devices to optimize performance based on the “temperature” of memory pages, or how frequently they are accessed. The MemVerge QoS engine moves hot pages to DRAM, while cold pages are placed in CXL memory to reduce the average latency of memory accesses, leading to faster application performance.

The MemVerge QoS engine moves hot pages to DRAM, where they can be accessed quickly. Cold pages are placed in CXL memory

MySQL with Memory Machine X delivers higher TPS, QPS and CPU utilization plus lower latency

MySQL is the world’s most popular Open-Source SQL database management system. MemVerge used TPC-C benchmark tests to compare the performance of MySQL using Transparent Page Placement in the kernel vs. MySQL using the Memory Machine Server Expansion latency policy.

Memory Machine enabled 20-40% lower latency (lower left chart) which allowed MySQL to deliver higher transactions per second (TPS), queries per second (QPS), and CPU utilization.

Shuffle Benchmark  Results