Create a Highly Available Memory Tier

Universal Solution

Memory Machine features the world’s first memory-to-memory snapshot technology. The ability to snapshot data from DRAM to persistent memory transforms the volatile low-availability memory tier into a high availability tier.

Traditional snapshots and recovery of large in-memory data sets to-and-from storage are disruptive because they take minutes to hours. Memory snapshots of large data sets are non-disruptive because they take as little as one second. Organizations can now achieve high-availability by deploying frequent snapshots and slashing crash recovery time to seconds. The chart below shows a 380GB Kx kdb+ database takes over 8 minutes to restore while Memory Machine restores the database in 1 second.

kdb+ Snapshot & Restore Performance

Memory Machine ZeroIO Snapshots are also the foundation of the Time Travel and AutoSave data services for high availability.

Time Travel

This memory service keeps hourly snapshots for the previous 24 hours, daily snapshots for the previous month, and weekly snapshots for all previous months, until the Time Travel target is full. 



Memory Machine can be configured to automatically take snapshots at predetermined intervals. The shorter the time intervals, the less time required to recover. Snapshots can be scheduled as frequently as every minute.

AutoSave & Crash Recovery (Restore)