Co-engineered Concept Systems

MemVerge, Samsung, H3 and Xconn

2TB Pooled Memory System

The system was unveiled at Flash Memory Summit 2023 and addresses performance challenges faced by highly distributed AI/ML applications. These challenges include issues like spilling memory to slow storage when main memory is full, excessive memory copying, I/O to storage, serialization / deserialization, and Out-of-Memory errors that can crash an application.

To learn more, read the press release or view the infographic.

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MemVerge, Supermicro, and Astera Labs

High Performance OLTP Solution

Nominated for Best of Show at Flash Memory Summit 2023, this high-performance OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) is powered by Leo Memory Connectivity Platform from Astera Labs and the Supermicro X13 Hyper which significantly boosts TPC-C performance and improves CPU utilization. MemVerge provides comprehensive memory telemetry and improves performance for memory-intensive applications.

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MemVerge and SK Hynix

Pooled Memory System

Introduced at ISC 2023, MemVerge has partnered with SK Hynix to create an “Endless Memory” solution. Endless Memory combines an Elastic Memory Service software from MemVerge and a Niagara Pooled Memory System from SK Hynix to allow hosts to dynamically allocate memory as needed, mitigating OOM errors and improving application performance.

Using the CloudSuite 3 benchmark, MemVerge and SK hynix demonstrated the ability to reclaim over 2x performance with only 20% additional memory. See the test results in this data sheet.

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MemVerge and Lightelligence

Optical Interconnect Solution

Interconnects remote devices together using CXL over lower-latency fiber optic cable, extending reach to enable memory pooling at pod scales and beyond. This allows for scalable CXL fabrics in the composable data center.

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