Bioinformatics in the Cloud: PhoenixNAP

PhoenixNAP, Intel and MemVerge have partnered to provide bioscience researchers and IT pros with access to a world class Big Memory test environment for Bioinformatics where you can test and tune one of your most valuable assets – your biosciences tools and solutions. Once you complete your testing, you can move your workloads into production on the PhoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud.

The PhoenixNap Big Memory Computing architecture lowers the cost of memory so researchers can cost effectively run all their data in memory; loads terabytes of data in seconds from in-memory snapshots; transforms single-threaded analytic pipelines into multi-threaded pipelines with memory thin clones; and makes long-running apps highly-availability with periodic in-memory snapshots enabling application instant recovery. The new service is backed by PhoenixNAP and MemVerge experts who have years of experience in helping providers stand up offerings in the cloud