The Next Big Wave for Real-Time Analytics

Webinar Replay

August 12 was a big day for MemVerge. It was World Elephant Day, a day that brings the world together to help elephants, our Big Memory mascot. It was also a day that MemVerge and Penguin Computing hosted a webinar titled, “Endless Memory: In search of the perfect analytics solution.”  During the webinar, Mike Hoey from MemVerge and Eddie Blanton from Penguin provided overviews of the Big Memory Computing model, and examples of how Live Data solutions from Penguin can lower TCO through server consolidation, accelerate discovery by eliminating storage IO, and keep animation artists in the zone with instant recovery.

Watch the Mike Hoey Big Memory overview starting at 00:52, the Eddie Blanton Live Data Solutions overview starting at: 31:30, or the full video on YouTube.