Big Memory Solutions

Driven by real-time workloads

Application-Specific Solutions

Universal Solutions

Application-Specific Solutions

Cloud IaaS

Big Memory consisting of DRAM, PMEM, and Memory Machine software increases the capacity of virtualized server memory while lowering the cost. The result is the ability to configure more VMs per server and/or more workloads per VM. Increasing VM and workload density enable server consolidation which leads to lower cost. Fewer servers also translates into easier administration, and savings in power, space and cooling.

In-Memory Databases

For in-memory databases, Big Memory paves the way for more organizations to cost-effectively land and expand apps using IMDBs. Using DRAM, persistent memory, and Memory Machine software together results in possible IMDB solutions: 1) higher memory capacity, 2) higher memory capacity utilization, 3) lower cost, and 4) higher availability with instant in-memory snapshot recovery.


Testing at Big Memory user Analytical Biosciences reveals that conventional analysis of genomics-class workloads spend 61% of their runtime I/O (DRAM+SSD). This number drops to 3% with Memory Machine, effectively shaving off almost four hours, of 95% of analysis processing time. Load data instantly from a pool of DRAM & lower cost PMEM, while eliminating IO to storage. The results are I/O doesn’t vanish entirely, but the impact on total workload processing is incredible.

Animation & VFX

It’s simple, if an app crashes, Big Memory can keep artists in “the zone.” This is because snapshots and recovery happen at memory speeds, allowing the recovery of hundreds of gigabytes of data happens in a few seconds. At the heart of the new solution is the ability of MemVerge Memory Machine software to perform ZeroIO™ in-memory snapshots from DRAM to PMEM.

Universal Solutions

Unlock the “Persistence” in Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory Without Modifying Applications

Without Memory Machine software, all apps that needs the persistence capability of PMEM must be modified.

More Memory. Less Cost.

Intel Optane Persistent Memory offer lower cost and higher capacity than DRAM. Memory Machine software takes it to the next level by enabling higher utilization of memory capacity.

Make PMEM Go DRAM Fast

With Memory Machine, you can deploy lower cost and higher capacity PMEM without sacrificing DRAM performance. Memory Machine makes the pool of DRAM and PMEM go DRAM fast.

Create a Highly Available Memory Tier

ZeroIO™ Snapshot technology powers the recovery of terabytes in seconds. This capability transforms the volatile memory tier into a high availability tier.