MemVerge Makes the Impossible Possible by Delivering Big Memory that is DRAM-Fast and Highly Available

MemVerge announces the general availability of Memory Machine™, transforming DRAM and persistent memory into a new software-defined memory service without compromises

MILPITAS, Calif.  September 23, 2020  MemVerge™, the pioneers of Big Memory software, today announced general availability of Memory Machine™ software. Used with Intel®  Optane™ persistent memory, Memory Machine fundamentally changes in-memory computing infrastructure. IT organizations depend on high-performance DRAM while coveting lower-cost and persistent memory. MemVerge asked, “Why not both?”

The Memory Machine engineering team answered with the industry’s first software-defined pools of DRAM and persistent memory that are easy to deploy because they appear to applications as familiar DRAM. MemVerge is the first to extend the performance limits of persistent memory to offer DRAM-like speed; and provide enterprise-class memory data services that transform the decades-old and fragile DRAM memory tier into a new highly available memory tier. As a result, organizations around the world have started deploying Memory Machine to harness the power of Big Memory.

Memory Machine Now Generally Available

Memory Machine is the world’s first Big Memory software capable of transforming DRAM and persistent memory hardware into a software-defined memory pool. By virtualizing the memory pool, the software provides access to persistent memory without changes to applications, super-charges persistent memory with DRAM-like performance, and introduces enterprise-class memory data services that make server memory highly available.

“Servers deployed with Intel Optane persistent memory hardware and Memory Machine software incorporate a Big Memory architecture without compromise,” said Charles Fan, MemVerge Co-Founder and CEO. “Memory Machine harnesses the best of DRAM and persistent memory to create a new software-defined Big Memory tier that is simultaneously lower cost, high-performance and highly available.”

IDC defines Big Memory as a market segment consisting of memory hardware and Big Memory software that creates a new persistent memory tier.

“By 2024 a quarter of all data will be real-time data and two-thirds of Global 2000 corporations will have deployed at least one real-time app.” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies at IDC. “This is driving the need for the price, performance, and enterprise class data services in Big Memory Computing.”

“Intel developed Optane persistent memory to help fill the gap in the memory-storage subsystem,” said Alper Ilkbahar, VP & GM, Memory & Storage Product Group at Intel. “It is exciting to see this offering from MemVerge that will help enable enterprises to take advantage of the speed of traditional memory with the capacity that persistent memory delivers, without requiring application code modifications.”

Memory Machine Standard Edition: The Best Way to Use Persistent Memory to Expand Memory

For businesses that need to address the cost of their growing memory footprint without comprising performance, Memory Machine Standard Edition provides applications with transparent access to volatile persistent memory. Memory Machine also powers lower-cost persistent memory to perform like DRAM. Instead of modifying multiple applications, IT organizations can now efficiently deploy Big Memory across a data center with a single Memory Machine virtualization layer.

Penguin Computing, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGH), offers several platforms for AI/ML training and inferencing applications via its analytics practice. By incorporating Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Memory Machine software, the Penguin Computing team reduced Facebook Deep Learning Recommendation (DLRM) inference times by more than 35x over SSD.

“Optane PMEM and Memory Machine allow us to scale memory and accelerate workflows for DLRM and similar applications,” said Kevin Tubbs, SVP Strategic Solutions Group at Penguin Computing. “We are using Memory Machine to virtualize DRAM and PMEM across our data, cloud, HPC, and AI practices as an important aspect of our edge-to-core strategy.”

Memory Machine Advanced Edition: Enterprise-Class Memory Data Services

Memory Machine Advanced Edition includes all the capabilities of Memory Machine Standard Edition, plus transparent access to persistence via the industry’s first enterprise-class data services for high availability memory.

IT organizations rely on enterprise-class data services for their disk and all-flash storage, especially, snapshots and replication which enable disaster recovery. Memory Machine’s patented ZeroIO™ memory snapshot technology eliminates IO to storage. The result is the ability to snapshot and recover terabytes of data from persistent memory in a few seconds, instead of taking minutes to hours from storage.

Organizations Around the World Have Deployed Memory Machine to Harness the Power of Big Memory

MemX, a next-generation, technology-driven stock exchange has deployed Intel Optane persistent memory and Memory Machine software to improve the capabilities of their trading application environment.

“In designing our new stock exchange, we sought technologies that delivered both high performance and low variance during moments of market volatility,” said Dominick Paniscotti, CTO of MemX. “MemVerge’s Memory Machine software demonstrates marked performance gain over other in-memory infrastructure while displaying lower jitter and increased determinism.”

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest banking group in Italy by market capitalization, has deployed Intel Optane persistent memory and Memory Machine software to increase the performance and availability of their in-memory database applications.

“One of the cultural pillars of Intesa Sanpaolo is to promote innovation by carefully monitoring trends, and then enable it through listening and dialogue with the business in order to offer effective solutions in the quickest time possible. We believe that the footprint of our in-memory applications is going to grow as well as the challenges to guarantee the highest service levels,” said Nicola Carotti, Head of Cloud and Hybrid Datacenter at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. “MemVerge Memory Machine’s ZeroIO Snapshot capability dramatically improves performance of new applications, reducing the time to recovery from hours to seconds.” 

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The advent of persistent memory is sparking a new era of Big Memory Computing where applications of any size can forgo traditional storage in favor of abundant, persistent and highly available pools of memory. Memory Machine™ software from MemVerge makes this possible by virtualizing DRAM and persistent memory to form a platform for enterprise-class in-memory data services. To learn more about MemVerge, visit

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