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Rest In Pieces: Servers and CXL

…talk inevitably turns to increasing bandwidth and capacity for CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs and lowering the overall cost of main memory that gives the systems of the world a place to think. And that leads straight to the CXL protocol, of course.

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Endless Memory, Fast Chiplet Interconnects And New M.2 NVMe Client SSDs

MemVerge and SK hynix announced what they call, Project Endless Memory. This is said to be a co-engineered system that addresses the challenge of memory exhaustion in data-intensive applications. Memory exhaustion is a major problem that can cause Out-of-Memory (OOM) crashes or poor performance due to swap usage, especially in clustered environments where memory usage is not uniform across nodes.

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MemVerge Demonstrates How CXL Memory Expansion Will Close the Gap

MemVerge® is attending MemCon to demonstrate the capacity and performance benefits of Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) memory. The demo features a server running an online transaction processing (OLTP) benchmark, with Memory Machine™ software from MemVerge that provides tiering for system DIMM and E3.S CXL memory expansion from Micron.

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CXL Enabled Memory Innovation with MemVerge

Podcast | TechArena host Allyson Klein chats with Memverge founder and CEO Charles Fan about his company’s disruptive vision for breaking through data center memory limitations and what the CXL standard will bring to infrastructure innovation.

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Implementing CXL with MemVerge

At the recent Tech Field Day event, MemVerge brought CXL to the audience. MemVerge is one of the frontline companies paving the way for implementation of CXL. During the event, Sr. Software Architect and Product Manager, Steve Scargall showcased two core CXL products – MemVerge MemoryViewer and Memory Machine, that MemVerge has brought to the market to enable software adoption of CXL.

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