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All Applications Live in Memory

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Open the Door to Big Memory


Shuki Bruck, Chairman
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Memory virtualization


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We Serve Organizations with mission-critical real-time workloads such as high-frequency trading; big data analytics in finance, healthcare, and retail; and AI/ ML analytics and inferencing like fraud detection and smart security.

Opening the Door to Big Memory

Abundant. Persistent. Available.

In 2017, Intel released a new Optane SSD product. Under the covers of this new SSD was 3D XPoint, a new persistent memory. In the history of computing, “memory” and “storage” have always been two different concepts. Persistent Memory promises to change that and can be operated at memory speed while being persistent like storage. With the Optane SSD available, we knew that the real game changer, the persistent memory DIMM, was not far away.

We decided, right at that moment, to start MemVerge. With every new hardware substrate, a new software stack will must be developed to allow the applications to take full advantage of the new hardware. In this case, that solution is Software for the new category called Big Memory. At MemVerge, our mission is to open the door to Big Memory Computing via the Memory Machine™ Software we develop. We are well on our way.

Defining Big Memory

Big Memory is a class of computing where the new normal is mission-critical applications and data living in byte-addressable, and much lower cost, persistent memory.

It has all the ingredients needed to handle the growth of IMDB blast zones by accelerating crash recovery. Big Memory can scale-out massively in a cluster and is protected by a new class of memory data services that provide snapshots, replication and lightning fast recovery.

The Foundation is Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

The Big Memory market is only possible if lower cost persistent memory is pervasive. To that end, IDC forecasts revenue for persistent memory to grow at an explosive compound annual growth rate of 248% from 2019 to 2023.

MemVerge Software is the Virtualization Layer

Wide deployment in business-critical tier-1 applications is only possible if a virtualization layer emerges to deliver HPC-class low latency and enterprise-class data protection. To that end, MemVerge pioneered Memory Machine™ software.

Memory Machine Software

Memory Machine is the industry’s first Big Memory software with the unique ability to virtualize memory for plug-and-play compatibility with existing applications, scale-out memory in a cluster to form a memory lake and provide data services which make the massive pools of memory highly available.

Fast Time-to-Deployment with Plug-and-Play Compatibility

Transparent Memory Services allow Memory Machine to deploy and provide access to persistent memory with no modifications to application code.

Data Services Across a Cluster Make HA Possible

The Memory Machine allows persistent memory to scale-out among multiple servers in a cluster. The Cluster Manager directs communications snapshot, replication, and recovery operations across ultra-low latency RDMA connections.

Persistent Memory Revenue Forecast 2019 – 2023 – IDC