MemVerge at Global STAC Live

Join MemVerge at Global STAC Live. If you care about big compute or big data workloads, don’t miss Global STAC Live, the online conference on high tech in finance (June 2–4).

Data-bound use cases are the focus on Day 1. Innovations like NVMe over fabrics, storage class memory, and the software to leverage them have promised radical shifts in throughput/latency/cost tradeoff curves. These technologies have now been in the market long enough to undergo considerable tire kicking, proofs of concept, and initial implementations. What have we learned from these experiences? How far have we come, and what obstacles are left to overcome?

In a panel called “Latest learnings on memory & storage”, we’ll put those questions to:

    • Richard Croucher, Global Head of Engineering for Specialised Infrastructure, Barclays (invited)
    • Scott Ross, Executive Director, UBS
    • David Cohen, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel
    • Jeff Denworth, Co-founder & VP Product, VAST Data
    • Shimon Ben-David, Field CTO, WekaIO
    • Charles Fan, CEO, Memverge
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