Memory Machine Cloud Edition

Save 70% on EC2 with Big Memory software that lets containerized apps run continuously on Spot instances

Enterprises spending 20% more on public-cloud infrastructure than expected

The unpredictability of spend is driven by three key factors:

More applications

Increased charges

Cloud waste

Memory Machine

Software for reducing the cost and increasing the availability of long-running cloud workloads

Automated, less expensive, and predictable

Automatically launch and manage workloads in the cloud


Save ~70% on cloud VM costs for batch applications leveraging Spot instances

Predictable workload completion time and more compute horsepower without increasing cloud cost

What you can do with Memory Machine

Execute jobs on Spot instances with application continuity even if Spot instances are reclaimed 

Automate task management in the cloud

Access frequently used applications from the Memory Machine App Library

Memory Machine User Experience

Use Case – Cell Ranger bioinformatics

Execution time6 hrs/run x 100 runs/week
VM32 CPU / 128GB RAM
AWS instancem6g.8xlarge
On-demandSpotMMCE w/ Spot (utility model)Savings with Memory Machine
EC2 Cost Per Week$738$198 - $250+ (depends on Spot availability)$330$408 (55%)
Completion Time6 hrs6 hrs – 9+ hrs 6 hrs

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