It is time for Big Memory

We live in an age of data. Driven by AI, machine learning, IOT, and big data analytics, more and more data are being created, and these data need to be processed at a faster and faster speed. Today’s storage systems cannot keep up with the capacity and performance requirements from real-time data collection and analytics. A more memory-centric architecture will be needed.

While in-memory computing approaches have been rising for the past decade, in-memory’s high cost, small scale, and lack of persistence have largely relegated it to only the most performance-critical workloads. At MemVerge we asked ourselves, “What if every application could run in-memory?” What if memory could be abundant, persistent and highly available?

The advent of Persistent Memory technologies are setting the stage for a new era of Big Memory Computing: an era where applications of any size can forgo traditional storage systems in favor of large pools of persistent memory. Hardware alone is not sufficient to usher in this new era. Software innovations are required to make Big Memory enterprise-class.

Software is needed to tier DRAM and Persistent Memory and create Big Memory pools. Rich data services such as snapshot and replication will be needed to make the data in Big Memory pools highly available. Intuitive and backward-compatible programming models are needed to be made accessible by the applications. These are just a few of the required functionalities that Big Memory Software can deliver.

MemVerge is proud to introduce its Memory Machine™ software technology, the world’s first Big Memory software. The MemVerge Memory Machine software can run on the server of your choice in your on-prem data centers. It can also run in virtual machines, in containers and in the cloud. Memory Machine enables existing and future applications to transparently run on Big Memory, delivering a 10X performance improvement for financial market data analysis, real-time analytics, security and cyber-threat detection, log analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Big Memory software such as MemVerge Memory Machine opens the door to the era of Big Memory Computing. In conjunction with Optane Persistent Memory, it will eventually provide the lower cost, persistence and high availability that allow all applications to run well in-memory. Imagine a world where as a developer, you have hundreds of terabytes of memory at your fingertip; data persistence can be achieved without incurring IO; in-memory snapshots can be taken instantly; and replication between servers can be achieved within a few microseconds.

This is the new world of Big Memory, and its time has come.