Compatibility Guide

The MemVerge Big Memory Lab is continuously testing and qualifying compatibility with memory-centric applications. Below is a list of apps tested with Memory Machine software and supported by MemVerge. If you have questions about our testing and support, or you would like us to test a new application, contact us at


App NameDescriptionTransparent MemorySnapshot / Restore
Kx kdb+time series in-memory db
Redis OSSin-memory KV store
Redis Enterprisein-memory KV store
Memcachedin-memory KV store
Hazelcast IMDGin-memory data grid
Aerospike NoSQLnoSQL database
RocksDBnoSQL database
mysql/innodbSQL relational database
MongodDBdocument-oriented database
Couchbasedocument-oriented database

Machine Learning & Analytics

App NameDescriptionTransparent MemorySnapshot / Restore
TensorFlowmachine learning framework
PyTorchmachine learning framework
XGBoostGradient boosting framework
Jupyteranalysis / presentation tool
Rstatistical analysis tool

Animation & Visual Effects

App NameDescriptionTransparent MemorySnapshot / Restore
Autodesk Maya3D graphics and animation
Pixar RenderManphotorealistic 3D rendering
Side FX Houdini3D procedural software for modeling, rigging, animation
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