Big Memory Solutions

Building Private Clouds with LOKI

Lower the Cost of Memory for LOKI Open-Source Clouds

Linux OpenStack Kubernetes Infrastructure

MemVerge offers a suite of powerful Big Memory services that lower the cost of memory for open-source clouds built on the new OpenInfra Standard, Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes Infrastructure (LOKI). Memory Machine and Memory Viewer software are also compatible with LOKI software from Red Hat.

While the Linux, OpenStack, and Kubernetes open-source projects are standards based on their own use cases, the LOKI Standard defines the way these technologies are integrated together. LOKI provides private cloud operators with a full-stack of software needed to build production infrastructure. According to OpenInfra, LOKI is the de facto way to run containers on open-source clouds, over 70% of surveyed organizations integrate OpenStack with Kubernetes, and organizations like AT&T, CERN, China Mobile, China Telecom, Verizon, Vodafone, and Yahoo have adopted the standard and run it in production today.

Find out if you need Big Memory with free Memory Viewer Software

The Big Memory Advantage

Traditional Computing

Extensive IO to slower storage
Memory is expensive, scarce & volatile
Memory capacity & performance can’t be provisioned

Big Memory Computing

Data in tiers of fast memory
Memory is affordable and persistent
Virtualized memory resources are composable

Memory Machine for LOKI

Slashes the cost of memory by providing transparent access to lower cost PMem.

Save even more by consolidating servers and by tiering memory.

Certified on Red Hat OpenShift.

3 Ways to Lower Your Cost of Memory

#1 Deploy lower cost, higher capacity PMem

With transparent access to a pool of DRAM & PMem

512GB of DRAM and PMem

100% 64GB DRAM @ $26/GB
0% 128GB PMem @ $4.26/GB

50% 64GB DRAM @ $26/GB
50% 128GB PMem @ $4.26/GB

20% 64GB DRAM @ $26/GB
80% 128GB PMem @ $4.26/GB

#2 Consolidate memory and servers

Memory QoS isolates noisy neighbors & enables increased memory density

Intel Memory Mode

With DRAM DIMMs-Only

Memory Machine

With Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory and DRAM capacity @ 2:1

#3 Unlock memory capacity

With memory tiering vs. DRAM as cache

20% more if PMem:DRAM ratio is 4:1
33% more if PMem:DRAM ratio is 2:1
50% more if PMem:DRAM ratio is 1:1

Additional Benefits of Big Memory

Manage data at the speed of memory. Load, save, rollback 100s of GBs in seconds.

Reduce RPO/RTO with in-memory snapshots for instant replication and recovery.

Transform analytics pipelines from single-threaded to multi-threaded by cloning with AppCapsules.

Memverge® Memory Machine™

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