Big Memory Solutions

Bigger, Faster, Cheaper, HA In-Memory Databases

In-Memory Database Challenges

There are several challenges that IT organizations face as their IMDBs grow

Growing in-memory databases push the limits of server and memory infrastructure in many ways. Depending on the specific capacity, performance, cost, and availability SLAs for an application, IT pros are needing to address one or more of the following issues that lead to Big Memory.

Top 4 reasons why in-memory databases need Big Memory

Data is greater than memory resulting in slower IO to storage

Low capacity of DRAM limits scaling of capacity in a server

Adding a lot of precious DRAM is super-expensive

Crash recovery from storage is long and disruptive

Comprehensive Big Memory Solution

Welcome to higher memory capacity, utilization, and availability…all with lower cost

Big Memory consists of DRAM, Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory, and MemVerge® Memory Machine™ software. Together, they transform memory infrastructure that hasn’t changed in the 50 years since DRAM was invented in 1969. For in-memory databases, Big Memory paves the way for more organizations to cost-effectively land and expand apps using IMDBs.

4 modern Big Memory solutions for in-memory databases

per server

Up to 9TB of DRAM + PMEM capacity enabled in a 2-way server



Scaling to 9TB possible because 100% of DRAM + PMEM capacity is utilized


less cost

The sweet spots are 128GB PMEM and 64GB DRAM where PMEM is 50% less $/GB

in seconds

In-memory snapshots enables a 1TB IMDB to be recovered in just a few seconds

2 things that don’t change with Big Memory

Old fashioned DRAM-like performance and access to memory without changes to your apps

The capability that IT pros want most from their memory infrastructure is DRAM-like performance. Shown below are results of kdb+ bulk insert testing performed by MemVerge. The results show that Big Memory, including a mix of DRAM and PMEM allocated by Memory Machine software, performed as fast or faster than DRAM-only.

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Case Study

Banca Intesa San Paulo case study. Hazelcast cluster HA.

White Paper

Performance Comparative Analysis of MemVerge™ Memory Machine™ With Redis Workload

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Memory Machine and In-memory Databases

Technology Brief

Zero-Impact Crash Recovery for Kx Kdb+


Increase Availability with Lightning Fast In-Memory Database Crash Recovery

Cloning an 800GB kdb+ Database in Seconds & Creating New Instances That Share Physical Memory

kdb+ Use Cases for Big Memory

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