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Accelerating Genomic Sequencing

Genomic Sequencing Challenges

Data loads slowly from storage, IO to storage slows execution time

In short, data greater than memory is the primary bottleneck in genomics processing because it results in IO to storage that is 1,000 times slower. Matrix-heavy computations along with intermediate process stage writes to, and reloading from, storage create exceptional burdens in the genomics computation pipeline. Finishing just one pipeline with conventional system architecture can consume days to weeks.

Big Memory Solution

Load data instantly from a pool of DRAM & lower cost PMEM, eliminate IO to storage

I/O doesn’t vanish entirely, but the impact on total workload processing is incredible. Testing at Big Memory user Analytical Biosciences reveals that conventional analysis of genomics-class workloads spend 61% of their runtime I/O (DRAM+SSD). This number drops to 3% with Memory Machine, effectively shaving off almost four hours, of 95% of analysis processing time.

IO to Storage

Big Memory

Case Study – Single Cell Sequencing

800x faster load times, up to 25x speedier execution time, 60% faster job throughput across all stages

Analytical Biosciences worked with MemVerge to show what Big Memory means in the real world. After adopting Memory Machine, the genomics lab was loading data up to 800x faster while execution times increase up to 25x for certain stages. Throughput across all stages was reduced by 60%.

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